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Hello! My name is Kathy Putkey and I am thrilled to be back teaching second grade. This will be my 22nd year in teaching and I feel passionate about providing students with experiences that meet their learning styles in an environment where they feel secure and supported in the process of achieving their personal best.


I am a graduate of San Jose State University where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Child Development and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a CLAD emphasis. Recently, I received a credential in Administration from National University and I am continuing to pursue my Masters in Educational Leadership.


My husband and I live in Roseville, and we are the proud parents to two beautiful daughters. When I am not at work, I enjoy all things related in the kitchen whether it be trying a new recipe or watching a cooking show about new techniques or recipes.  You can also find me at the gym working off all my experiences in the kitchen.



Recent Posts

homework 12/10

Reading: 20 minutes
Tomorrow is our field trip to B Street Theater. Please talk with your child about theater and audience behavior. While watching a live theater performance, it is important to sit quietly and listen. It does not mean that you need to be silent. Be sure to laugh at the funny parts (or cry at the sad parts), and certainly applaud at the end! Actors love it when an audience is involved with the show by actively watching and listening. I will also be sharing these expectations with students on Monday. Students are invited/encouraged to wear “fancy” clothes. It is fun to dress up.

Homework 11/29

Math: Lesson 8, if not completed during class time today.
Reading: 20 minutes
Field trip form if not returned

Homework 11/27

Math: Lesson 6, students are to complete the problems circled and number 3 on the back
video to support-  It is not the exact lesson but it shows the concept of using a place value chart and disks if needed.
Reading: 20 minutes
Field trip notice- We will be going to the B Street Theater on 12/11/2018 to see the Christmas Carol. Please fill out and return by Friday.

Homework 11/15

Math: Exit ticket for Lesson 5
Reading: Amazing Ants worksheet, read and answer questions. Then, read 20 minutes
Tomorrow we will be having a pancake breakfast celebrating friendship, Leonie's last day and our upcoming Thanksgiving break. 

Homework 11/13

Math: Lesson 4 Exit Ticket
Reading 20 minutes
We are celebrating our students and the growth they make! This week is Growth Mindset Week. Having a Growth Mindset is to key success. Yes, hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having the underlying belief that you're in control of your own destiny. 
Please join us in dressing up for the rest of the week.
Tomorrow: Kick the Fixed Mindset and say YES to Growth Mindset (Wear Western Wear!)
Thursday: Be a Superhero that grows in their strength (Dress like a Superhero)
Friday: Wear Green to glow like the Green Lantern with Eagle Pride 

Homework 11/7

Reading: 20 minutes
Permission form for Beauty and the Beast visit- We are delighted to share with you that Belle, from the story Beauty and the Beast, will be visiting us tomorrow at 2:30- 3:00 pm. She will be sharing her story. She is bringing her friends from Whitney High School Broadcasting class to do a short segment on how Belle works with children. In order to allow for filming opportunities, we are asking for your support and for you to complete a field trip form and video release for this purpose only. Please complete the form and return tomorrow. It was sent home with your child today.

measuring penny

Math Homework- Measuring Penny Project- Students will choose an item at home to measure using standard and non-standard units. They will draw a picture of the item. Please see attached file for further instructions.
Reading- 20 minutes