In Focus Update

All classes in K-6 are currently beginning part 3 of the curriculum and looking at ways to meet the needs of the Cortex.  This section will look at focusing, managing, and harnessing emotions to support and engage learning.  

Here are some highlights for each grade band lessons being taught over the next few weeks:

¨ K-2: Students previously worked on naming and recognizing emotions.  In Part 3, students will discover strategies for managing emotions.

¨ 3-5: Students will learn about focusing their attention by creating an awareness of how our brains help us to control impulses and pay attention.  Students will also use their brains to help manage their emotions.

¨ 6: Students will learn how to improve their ability to focus and manage emotion.  They will learn to speak up against bullying and how to recognize the feelings of others through the expressions seen on others’ faces and in their eyes.


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