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Last Thursday our school was treated to an amazing Kindness Assembly led by the Kindness Ninja, Kelley Perotti!  Kelley launched our Kindness month with an action packed motivational assembly that inspires the entire student body to change the world. During the assembly students learned the three most important life skills needed to change the world: Have no fear of being made fun of for doing the right thing, be committed to be a good person no matter how mean someone may be, and always live your life as if you were the hero of your dreams.  At the end of the presentation, Kelley not only called the students to take action, but demonstrates how to never give-up, no matter how scared you may be!  This assembly kickstarted our students to start their Kindness Challenge and reach 5,000 act of kindness in 15 days!  We would like our family community to join in. Those acts of kindness will count towards our goal so please keep track and include them in your child’s Kindness Journal.  In addition, students are encouraged to bring in old shoes for students in need and the Kindness Ninja will be sure to get those directly to children in need!


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