Question: The week before break, what’s really going on in class?

Kindergarten learned all about Native Americans and the tribes of Lakota Sioux, Wanpanoag and Lenape. Their TP creations were bursts of color!

1st graders are busy working on their penmanship with our Handwriting Without Tears program. I can only imagine how many letters they are learning and practicing this week alone!

Mrs. Putkey loves literature and so do her 2nd graders! As part of their Core Knowledge literature they read The Night Before Christmas by Charles Dickens and enjoyed their field trip to see the live action play at Roseville Theater Arts!  Today they read a new version and were able to compare literature components! 

3rd graders have concluded their Core Knowledge Unit on Ancient Rome!  Here they are playing Kahoot to review their studies and then they will be celebrating with a Roman Feast this week!

4th Grade using measurements to create gifts?  Not only are they learning to give and not only receive, but our students are using their mathematical skills in a practical gift giving way!

5th grade is learning idioms that are often found in core literature. Look how happy they are to be learning this foundational knowledge for future learning!

Our 6th graders are so fortunate to engage in Core Knowledge Literature reading and discussions.  The class is reading and will conclude their reading of Bud, Not Buddy this week.


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