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Core Knowledge Math

We are proud to be a Core Knowledge School and we love how much our students learn.  We protect our instructional times to ensure our students are getting the most out of their school day and our math hour every morning is one of these times.  During the morning block, all classrooms use this common math time to engage students in mathematical thinking and exploration. While essential standards from the Common Core Curriculum are taught, students are able to learn through a variety of strategies.  Today we are highlighting, through pictures, students engaged in mathematical learning through games and engaging activities.

Our 6th grade students’ first unit began with investigating the concepts of ratio and rate. In this activity they were matching equations, with graphs and tables.  It was a great way to bring their learning together to show what they understand from the lessons.  

Our Kinders are enjoying the new SMART technology in the classroom and through interactive learning are learning how to use the ten-frame tool that will be used throughout their years here at Rocklin Academy Meyers!

In second grade, students were play dice games.  In this particular activity students were playing a game called “In The Middle” where they were working with their knowledge of number sense to find the missing number.  Games are a great tool to support learning.



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