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Core Knowledge in Action!

To start off the year all our classes work on their Core Knowledge units exploring Geography.  This includes identifying major landforms by name and location and working with geographic tools on mapping skills.  Each grade level has a focus and it is a great opportunity to build upon previous knowledge as well.  In our Core Knowledge sequence, our second grade students learn how to use the map keys and legends including the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west.  This lesson spiraled from what the students learned last year in first grade.  Students tap into their previous knowledge and build on that knowledge to have a deeper understanding of World Geography from year to year.  In fourth grade, our students learn about longitude and latitude, coordinates, and degrees. They also look at relief maps to build a deeper understanding of elevations and depressions.  One of the many great things about Core Knowledge sequence is the way it spirals often so students can continually build upon what they know from year to year.  Student in first grade learning about cardinal directions will apply that skill when they reach 4th grade and they are determining lines of longitude and latitude!  So very cool!  Rocklin Academy teachers are dedicated to teaching solid academic content and skills to all of our students.  Together they make the learning meaningful and accessible to all!


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