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Rocklin Academy Meyers
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Immediate openings for 2018-19 in Grade 4 at Meyers/Turnstone & Gateway.  To apply, click Admissions button below.


We made our school-wide goal of $2000.00!  In fact, we made over our goal with a final total of $2,347.85!  Thank you to our generous families for helping us in our campaign.  Originally we were going to smash a pie in Ms. Wood’s face by the top class, but two more teachers were inspired by the efforts of our students and will have a pie in their face too.  So, Kindergarten is our pie smashing first place earning class and will smash a pie in Ms. Wood’s face. Mrs. Putkey will be smashed in the face by our 2nd top earning class, third grade. Ms. Vega will be smashed in the face by our 3rd top earning class, second grade. This smashing event will take place next week for all students to watch!


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