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November’s Key of Excellence

Speak honestly and kindly
Make sure your intention is positive and your words are sincere.


Speaking with good purpose allows us to harness the awesome power of our words. Words have the power to build people up or bring them down. They can uplift and enlighten, or depress and destroy. You have complete control over the words you use, so choose them carefully. The first step is awareness. Think before you speak. Focus on communicating positives: strengths, praise, encourage-ment. Handle negatives carefully. Your intention is a powerful tool.



¨ I speak with good intent—no swearing, put-downs or gossip.

¨ I am honest and direct.

¨ I walk my talk.



"The way we communicate with others and with our-selves ultimately determines the quality of our lives."

                                                           - Anthony Robbins



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