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Second Grade Diwali Celebration

Core Knowledge in Action

As part of the second grade Core Knowledge unit on Early Asian Civilizations, students learned that many Hindus celebrate Rama's victory over Ravana, and the homecoming of Rama and Sita, in a festival called Diwali. As part of this Festival of Lights, people light many lamps and candles. Second graders celebrated Diwali on Thursday, October 19. They prepared for Diwali by coloring rangolis that became part of the toran, a decoration for the outside of the classroom door. They also painted their diyas to light with tea lights on Diwali. On Diwali, students created faces of the defeated Ravana and a large colorful elephant rangoli outside the school entrance. It was a festive day that ended with a dance by sixth grader Mansi and a second dance by second grader Adhvaith. Parent support was key in making this day a success!!


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