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Core Knowledge in Action

Rocklin Academy’s Core Knowledge curriculum offers students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of a variety of social studies and science curriculum topics.  Our teachers work diligently each week to incorporate interactive and technology based activities that enhance the learning of Core Knowledge topics and subjects.  Our teachers are always providing our students the opportunity to challenge their thinking through Core Knowledge and that is what makes our school unique!  This week we are highlighting the Core Knowledge curriculum in third grade!  Students are learning about Animal Classification and are having opportunities to have hands on/mind on experiences.  Mrs. Peck’s class is working on a unit where they are being introduced to the classification of animals.  They are reading, researching, and exploring characteristics of a variety of animals and using rich science vocabulary to enhance their understanding of their studies.  Today, the class was able to explore by investigating the contents of an owl pellet through dissection.  What a great way to apply one’s learning and pose new questions for future learning!

These are only a few examples of the hands on and meaningful learning opportunities happening in every classroom on campus.  We are very proud of our teachers hard work in planning and preparing such engaging activities that seamlessly blend structured content learning, with hands on projects.  We know that these activities allow students to demonstrate their understanding of content in a variety of ways and foster creativity and highlight their 21st century technology skills. Our student’s hard work and dedication to growth and learning can be seen throughout the grade levels and classrooms on a daily basis.  At Rocklin Academy, we love our rich Core Knowledge curriculum and the many opportunity it allows our students to have and experience each and every day at school!


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