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Attendance Awareness Month

One of our most important goals is working in partnership with our Rocklin Academy Families. This month we would like to share our appreciation for the work you do to make sure your children are in attendance throughout the year! This month is about bringing awareness to our families (including parents, guardians, and caregivers) to help increase the number of days students are present in the classroom. As the school year is beginning, it is important to be aware of the connection between attendance and school success. We have learned that school performance is affected when students are absent from the classroom.

As you can see, we value good attendance and students in school. However, we are aware that situations arise where a student may be out sick or there is an emergency. We do ask for your partnership in increasing attendance due to all other absences. How can you help? We ask that you schedule appointments, vacations, and other avoidable absences for another time that fits into the school calendar and professional development days.  We encourage you to reread our Parent & Student Handbook for our attendance policy. The biggest shift this year is that our schools are able to grant only one 5-day long term ISP with prior approval from the site administrator. All other unexcused absences will be logged and procedures will be followed accordingly. Please note that there is additional information in the handbook regarding tardies and absences from school that are over the duration of 30 minutes. Again, we want your child in school. There are so many wonderful things happening in the classroom that we don’t want your child to miss out! Look at all the wonderful learning happening in the class this week alone!

  • Third grade students working in collaborative groups to write a paragraph about rivers.  This is a great example of why Rocklin Academy’s Core Knowledge is powerful and engaging!
  • 6th graders designed their own island and applied their learning of coordinates into their lesson.
  • First graders making predictions before reading the folktale “Issun Boshi”.




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