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Rocklin Academy Meyers
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Welcome Back to School!

Dear Rocklin Academy Meyers Families,

Welcome back to a new year at our Meyers’ campus!  On behalf of the staff, I am happy to welcome you to a new year of experiences and fantastic learning.  Our staff has already been diligently working and eager to begin teaching students to love each and every day!  With the support of parents, our community and all staff, our partnership will provide your child with outstanding Core Knowledge curriculum.  Our school will give students the right tools to build character that will help them to become engaged citizens in our community.  I anticipate a year of tremendous growth and learning that will be fostered by staff and families who genuinely care for our children.

Last week, we started to incorporate goal two from our Strategic Plan: The school environment cultivates students who are responsible, compassionate, and engaged citizens. Our staff began by introducing students to our SOAR expectations. Students participated in a Passbook Tour around the school.  Students visited the classroom, hallway, office, cafeteria and bathroom to learn how we can show respect and be safe in those areas. Through classroom lessons, we will continue to strengthen our understanding of what it means to be a proud eagle by learning how to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Resourceful!  We ask for your participation in using this language with your child at home to help them make connections between the school and home. On September 1st, we will have our first SOAR rally of the year and it will be a time to celebrate positive behaviors and good character! 

Lastly, we really want you to feel connected to our family here at Meyers and by reading the Wednesday Update, you will be well informed and ready to activate as a member of our school community.  Please be on the lookout for ways to get involved and get plugged in!  You will get more out of your experience here if you feel a part of the family! 

Warm regards,

Trisha LeRoy-Smith

Site Administrator


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