Dr. Seuss Dress Up Days

Dr. Seuss was born in March on the second day in fact.

This year we’ll celebrate his birthday for five days to be exact.

Crazy stripes and top hats galore, like the Cat in the Hat and so much more.

Mismatch day will be a hoot.

You can wear a tennis shoe and with a boot.

Wearing green will be a treat.

Green eggs and ham will be what we eat.

We’ll speak in in rhyme and wear socks like the fox,

To celebrate Dr. Seuss and show how much EAGLES Rock!


Monday 3/2: Cat in the Hat Day - Wear stripes and a hat (Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Mar. 2)

Tuesday 3/3: Put Me in the Zoo Day - Wear polka-dots

Wednesday 3/4: Wacky Wednesday - Wear mismatched clothes, socks, shoes, etc.

Thursday 3/5: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - Wear red, blue or numbers.

Friday 3/6: Green Eggs and Ham Day - Wear green for Green Eggs and being an Eagle!


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