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Core Knowledge In Action

In Core Knowledge, our 5th graders learn about Plant Structures and Processes.  The students have been diving into the structures, processes and adaptations of plants.  They have learned how a plant is able to take in water and make it’s own food through photosynthesis and how a plant is able to reproduce.  One of the great things about our Core Knowledge curriculum is how students are able to apply previously learned concepts.  An example is kindergarten learns about plant growth, first grade learns about living things and second grade learns about the life cycle of a plant.  To extend and apply their learning even further, our 5th graders had the opportunity to visit the U.C. Davis Botanical Conservatory. With over 3,000 plant species and access to some of the most knowledgeable docents, our students were able to get up close and learn about the adaptations for plant survival.  Rocklin Academy students are so fortunate to have this opportunity!


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