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RAFOS Administration Update

As you know, the Board of Directors approved the Strategic Plan, which, based on input from all stakeholders, guides Rocklin Academy Family of Schools’ focus for the next 3-5 years at their meeting in April. In doing so, they helped guide next steps in terms of RAFOS leadership.

When the Strategic Plan was approved, a new position was also approved to meet identified needs of parent, faculty and staff, student, and external stakeholder engagement and of potential future growth. This position will help to build positive communication structures for our current families, future families, and the general public, help to build connections with local businesses to enhance our students’ educational experience, and help to tell Rocklin Academy’s story in a positive light in the greater community. Additionally, this position allows for strategic, thoughtful growth, to address the need in our area and beyond for another choice in education for families.

Jillayne Antoon, current Principal of Rocklin Academy Gateway, has been identified to fill this position. Her experience in opening the Gateway campus has allowed for her to be uniquely qualified for this position, as we look at potential growth and engagement with the broader community.

Additionally, the strategic plan calls out the informal, but very successful, process that Rocklin Academy Family of Schools has employed to grow leaders from within, by providing leadership opportunities to teacher and staff leaders, allowing them to grow in their skills and preparation for leadership. This, with the commitment to continue to strive to allocate budget resources to attract and retain top talent, has led to some restructuring of administrative duties across the Family of Schools to allow for opportunities for growth and sustainability of staff.

Rocklin Academy Gateway’s administration will be restructured to best support students, staff, and administration. Rather than one TK-8th grade Principal, supported by two Assistant Principals, there will now be two Principals. One Principal will support our 6th-8th grade students, focused on building a program to best serve our middle school aged students, within a K-8 program. A second Principal will support K-5th grade students, focusing on the support needed to help our younger students thrive. An Assistant Principal will support the Principal team in providing a cohesive K-8 program at the Gateway campus.

Eve Fabiaschi, current Assistant Principal at Rocklin Academy Gateway, will step into the K-5 Principal position at that site. Ms. Fabiaschi came to Rocklin Academy after her Principal position at Rocketship Schools in the Bay Area, when her family relocated to the area. In her research, she fell in love with the vision and mission of Rocklin Academy. Knowing that she’d get to know the organization best as a teacher, she first accepted a 4th Grade Teacher position at Gateway in its first year of operation. Her strong instructional leadership skills led her into an Instructional Coach position for English/Language Arts for the entire district, allowing her to understand even better the organization’s priorities and program, as well as the unique cultures at each of our four sites. She stepped into the Assistant Principal role at Gateway mid-year, and has demonstrated many skills in her ability to build relationships with faculty and staff, students, and families.

Wendy Mitchell, current Principal at Rocklin Academy Meyers, will transition into the role of the 6-8th grade Principal at the Gateway campus. Mrs. Mitchell, current Principal at the Meyers campus, has been a full participant of the start-up of Gateway, as a partner in teacher and staff hiring, program-building, and engaging in the Summit Learning Program training over the past year. She has built a strong, positive culture at the Meyers campus, and her strengths in that area will support the newly emerging culture at Gateway. As the Principal of the Meyers campus, she has supported other schools in different ways, and much of that support has been at Gateway, in behind-the-scenes ways, appreciated much by teachers and administration at Gateway.

Diana Wilson, Assistant Principal, will continue her leadership at Rocklin Academy Gateway. She is an instrumental member of the administrative team, and has proven to be a collaborative, focused leader, with a deep understanding of the culture of the campus and with wonderful relationships with faculty, staff, parents, and students.

The Meyers campus has become a truly unique campus within our Family of Schools. With one class per grade level, the small-school feel has created a unique family environment, which is such a benefit to our organization. Trisha Smith, current 5th grade teacher at Turnstone, has been identified as the perfect fit to fill the Site Administrator position at Meyers. She has been provided opportunities to lead and grow as she has finished her Administrative Services Credential, and was one of two teachers who planned and led our summer school program, in partnership with Cal State TEACH’s credential program. Through that experience, she planned schedules, safety protocols, and provided professional development for teachers. Trisha is excited to make connections and build relationships with the students and families that make Rocklin Academy Meyers such a wonderful community.

The adopted strategic plan has incredible opportunities for Rocklin Academy Family of Schools to capitalize on the strengths already in place and continue to improve to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. We are excited to move forward on the goals identified in the plan, and to partner with you to continue to grow and develop as we strive to live out our mission and vision.


Robin Stout



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