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Rocklin Academy Meyers
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Robots at Meyers

Keri Reno, in collaboration with the kindergarten, first and second grade classroom teachers, is building our classroom STEM skills through robots.  Take a look at what rolled into Meyers the last couple of weeks…..Four Dash robots from Wonder Workshop.  Students in kindergarten, first and second grade already have had a chance to program Dash to talk, walk, turn, and even dance.  The app based robot uses the familiar block programming which our students have used for two years during the Hour of Code week.  It was easy for them to get Dash up and moving because of their experience with block programming and now we will be able to plot many adventures for Dash in classrooms.  He will be able to travel across the tallest mountain peaks, create geometric designs, roll around the life cycle, and travel along the human body.  The things our students will be able to get Dash to do are endless! 

A big thank you goes out to Keri Reno, our Technology Integration Coordinator, for bringing the Dash robots to Meyers.  What an impactful way to provide 21st century skills to our students! 


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